Why plastic?
It doesn’t rust or corrode. No sharp edges. High-impact resistance. One-piece construction. Easily removable valve cover for access to valve area. Urethane foam insulation sandwiched between plastic
How do I clean?
Removable plug to drain water out completely.
How do I hook up?
Bury your water line below frost level. Bring water line up through insulated heat well. Need concrete pad 6-10 ft in diameter, 4-6 inch deep to keep area around waterer clean and dry. Hook up kit (hose and shut-off) and SS anchor bolts included. Water level kept constantly full by valve and float. Thermostatically controlled heater in float compartment and cable line heater along water line. Installation CD available.
How long will the waterer last?
The MIRACO company has been in business for over 25 years and there are still many original waterers in use. Waterers are unconditionally warranted for 5 years.
What colors are available?
Waters are standard in aqua-blue. Smaller waterers are available in blue, hunter green, gray or black.
How much will the electricity cost to run the waterer?
$ 2.00- $ 4.00/month for E-Fount $ 4.00- $ 6.00/month for LiL Spring, Big Spring