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   EQUIFount features:
  • Smooth rounded edges for safety
  • Durable 100% polyethylene construction;
    urethane foam insulation
  • Easy valve access; one screw quick water level adjustment
  • Minimum intrusion on stall space
  • Four bolt installation
  • Plumb from above or below
  • Ample drinking space; plentiful water supply
    with minimal waste
  • Large easy drain; no disassembly required
  • Attractive design; five color options
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EQUIFount 1100
     16 x 16 x14" tall
      (41x41x36 cm)

EquiFount models are designed and built specifically for horses. These watering units are corner or wall mounted in stalls. EQUIFount models deliver cool clean water with a minimum of spillage and very little cleaning required.

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EQUIFount Model 1200
     insulated extension tube
834 Insulated extension tube
Cold barns are not a problem for EQUIFount waterers. This insulated extension tube allows water line to enter from below without freezing. Rubber plug can be removed for access to water shut off valve.
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